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CCTV systems are considered to be an effective method of reducing crime.

From a standalone to the most advanced network connected surveillance, our experts will work with you to design a security system to suit your needs.

CCTV - Closed Circuit Television

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

With options from low-cost fixed camera hard drive units to the most advanced IP camera surveillance, you can choose remote monitoring systems to connect with your PC, tablet or even your smartphone.

The variants include the latest pan/tilt/zoom, wireless functionality, megapixel clarity, audio motion detection and record-before-event cameras.

IP Surveillance - Networked Security

IP Surveillance

A network video solution enables you to stay focused on your core business. It also gives you a future-proof and cost-efficient tool to increase the security, prevent violence and theft and minimise costs of vandalism.

A broad range of models are suitable for all environments and remote access to video from any number of off-site locations from a single location.

Solar Security

Solar Security

No mains? No problem! All of our gate and barrier systems can be operated from solar power where a green solution is required or a mains supply is not available. Solar automation allows security to be fitted to the most remote locations.

Developed in the UK to work in the UK - all year round, each gate is rated to operate on the shortest day of the year, factoring latitude, number of daily operations and access control needs.